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We believe passionately that your people should be your competitive advantage. Rather than treating people as a change management exercise to be tackled once the "real work" has been done, we help organisations on the path to success by starting with their people.



Whether you are questioning if your organisation is ready for the workplace of the fifth industrial revolution; rethinking your purpose and values; designing your strategy; shaping your culture; aligning leaders and people or putting in place execution plans we always start by asking questions about your people.

We are smaller than a big four firm, whilst providing the same attention to quality; but frame our solutions from a people first perspective and provide personal support without a leveraged staffing model.  Our aim is to provide big firm quality with small firm care.




the five frames approach.

Why, despite the best efforts of your leaders, is your organisation still failing to achieve its potential?  Or, maybe you're doing OK, but are worried about what the evolving landscape of the future of work means for your organisation?

From years of working with and researching successful businesses in Australia and around the World, in every sector and at just about every stage of the business cycle we believe there are five key, connected components to maximising your potential and preparing for the changing future world of Work driven by technological change.

Check out our five frames...

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so how can we help you?


Our clients range from small, nimble app developers to government infrastructure businesses, from big four banks to leading media organisations.  In short, anyone.  Because people issues are mostly solved by knowing how people tick, by understanding psychology and behavioural economics, and by applying deep academic research and years of practical experience; not complex models, toolkits or industry frameworks. 

There are some problems that require an army of consultants working on a "transformation" agenda, but more often we see the need for ongoing advice and counsel from a trusted partner.  If you are looking for an organisation to work with over the long term, to help you achieve the results you have been looking for, by getting the most out of your people then you might just have come to the right place...



who are we.

If you would like to have a chat about any business performance issue that involves people the best thing to do is email or call either of our co-founders, Laura or Jon on....

laura.applebee-jones@fifthframe.com.au or +61 411 643 617 or
jon.williams@fifthframe.com.au or +61 414 295 507