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Free Friday - The ten questions every executive team should be able to answer about the Future of Wo

Every organisation should be thinking about how work is going to continue to change in the near future and what to do to get ready. However, the potential scope of the changes and the level of uncertainty can make it hard to know where to start.

To help you, if you are facing this challenge, we have prepared a list of 10 questions to ask at your next leadership or board meeting or strategy or planning offsite to gauge how well positioned you are for the uncertain future of work.

If you would like to share any feedback on the questions or any we missed; or comment on how your team answered them please leave a comment below or email us at

We hope they are helpful and you enjoy your conversation!

  1. Are our decision makers adequately informed or educated about the coming technology changes in our industry and their potential impact on us?

  2. What percentage of tasks that our employees currently do will be automated or augmented in 3 years time? 10 years?

  3. What is our exposure to termination costs if we have to let people go because of technology driven change?

  4. How could a more flexible gig/ freelancer workforce be good for us? What would the risks be?

  5. Have we engaged our employees in a conversation about the future of work to give them confidence they will have a part to play? Do they have a part to play?

  6. Are our organisation’s culture and behaviours appropriate given changing social views and expectations and the #metoo movement? Are we exposed or at risk?

  7. If we have to change the profile of our workforce what is our responsibility, if any, to those employees who lose out?

  8. Are we doing enough to train our existing workforce with the skills and agility for the future ?

  9. Are we doing everything we can to foster the vitality and wellbeing of our employees to prepare for the future?

  10. Do we have the leaders we need in our organisation to guide us through a workforce transformation? Bonus question …

  11. Are universities or other educators producing the type of employees we will need for the future? If not, are we doing our part to create momentum for change?


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